Joseph bramlett hex 2
Joseph bramlett color turn around
Joseph bramlett bw turn around
Joseph bramlett hex 1
Joseph bramlett hex 3
Joseph bramlett van gogh sheets 0000 layer 3
Joseph bramlett van gogh sheets 0002 layer 1
Joseph bramlett van gogh sheets 0003 background

Vincent Van Stoat WIP 1

This is a character that im working on bringing into engine. Hes based off of an assignment I had in my masters program where we had to take a famous person and make them an anthropomorphic character. I ended up using Vincent Van Gogh and a Stoat.

At this point I have a base High Poly model made. My next step is to create the low poly model in 3D coat and then bring that model back into zbrush to finalize the high poly details for the texture maps. After that the poly paint and then exporting the whole thing back to Maya to rig. It will eventually end up in Marmoset Toolbag for rendering purposes.